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About Us

I have worked on power equipment, fabrication, and welding for 20+ years.  I enjoy small engine repair and have decided to start my own business (part-time) in preparation for my retirement in a few years.  I am a Briggs and Stratton Certified Master Service Technician, an official Briggs and Stratton Dealer, and I take great pride in my work to live up to those standards.  All manufactures recommend regular service and maintenance to keep your equipment running at its prime and to avoid costly repairs.

Being a dealer, I only use genuine Briggs and Stratton parts and Briggs and Stratton full-synthetic oils and lubricants in all my repair and maintenance work.  I believe in only using the very best parts available.

I stand behind my work.  Quality work and candor builds trust and loyalty between people and it's just good business.  My goal is for your equipment to run and look better than it has in years. 

I believe in upfront transparent pricing.  When you drop off your equipment, I'll spend five to ten minutes with you inspecting your equipment.  Odd filters, oil issues, bent blades, broken cables, worn belts, frayed rope, bent crank, and cracked wheels are the primary causes of additional costs which is why I'll troubleshoot your machine's problems at check-in. 

Need your lawn mowed but your mower is in my shop for repair / maintenance?  I usually have a few older, but good running mowers that like to cut grass.  They aren't pretty, but they cut grass well.  Normal wear and tear is expected on a loaner, but please try to avoid rocks or at least the really big ones...  If you happen to bend the blade, please consider buying a new one from me to replace it.    

Looking for small engine repair near me?
Looking for lawnmower repair near me?
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